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Maryland Pastel Society about us

About Us

History: MPS around 1978

The following is a description of the Maryland Pastel Society written around 1978, provided by Denise Matuk-Kroupa, an early member of the society.

“The Maryland Pastel Society, Inc, a registered non-profit organization, was formed in 1977 by local (Md.) artists to provide recognition for professional and original works of art in the field of pastel and, secondarily, drawing and pen and ink. There is no headquarters, such as the Pastel Society of America has, and consequently, a primary function is to find arena for exhibits. So far, the society has exhibited as a group in the Baltimore Charcoal Club Gallery and the Mayor’s Invitational Art Show at City Hall and are planning fall, winter and spring exhibits in the Baltimore area. Other features offered members are field trips, which include the Pastel Society of America show in New York in September and other professional shows and exhibits in the East. Lectures and demonstrations by well-known artists are also planned.

Criteria for membership in the society is very high. The work of these men and women is of the highest caliber. Artist member applicants are asked to include a short resume of educational experience, exhibitions, awards, activities in related fields and professional memberships. In addition, four examples of work are required for evaluation by the Board of Governers. (sic) Dues are $15.00 annually. Currently there are roughly 40 members."

Officers of the society at this time were:
President: Frederick Schuler Briggs
Vice President: Elizabeth Byrd Mitchell
Recording Secretary: Anne Hoffman Kiefaber
Corresponding Secretary: Mary Lou Fenton
Treasurer: Jean E. Trout
Board members included David Zuccarini, Melvin Miller, Ann Didusch Schuler, Louise Seward, and Denise Matuk. The general membership included Peter Egeli, Reginald Watkins, Col. Edward C. Kenney.