Maryland Pastel Society events



This Old Stuff!

Don't feel like Spring cleaning? Well instead of spending the day hauling away old junk from your garage or basement and making the trip to the local dump or yard sale try arranging a few old pieces into a still life. Old paint cans, brushes, tools, watering cans, rusty, dusty lawnmowers or even a few beat up cardboard boxes can be renewed once again into an art form.

The Set Up:

Gather a few interesting but not so new things. The more beat up the better! Find a variety of shapes, organic, spherical and angular. Create your arrangement with a focus on the light source, (light creates form).

The Challenge:

Discover how the strokes, chroma and value that you use in your painting help to describe the age and condition of your subjects. Keep in mind it's not necessary to include every rusty spot just like it's not important to include every leaf on a tree or freckle on a face. Practice just how much or how little information is really necessary to get the point across to the viewer. Tell your story about these old beat up characters you have selected to showcase in your painting by creating an atmosphere within the picture plane.

Remember the important elements of painting you have practiced in our past challenges focusing on negative and positive forms, edges, relative value changes and atmospheric perspective.