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Want to organize a paint-out?

Lake Elkhorn Columbia

If you would like to organize a paint-out, let us know. We can give you some pointers and help get word out on our Facebook page.

Things to think about when planning an MPS paint-out:

  1. Restrooms - are there clean and convenient facilities for artists to use?
  2. Parking - is there safe and convenient parking?
  3. Do artists have permission to paint at the location? Never paint on private property without permission of the owner. Be sure the owner is completely aware of the numbers of individuals who might participate, the schedule, and implications of having artists paint on their property (foot traffic, vehicle parking, restroom needs). Make sure participating artists are respectful of the host's property and that they minimize their impact on the environment. MPS recommends you consider public locations, such as parks, that are accustomed to foot and vehicle traffic. If planning a paint-out at a public venue, be sure to check on any rules/protocols associated with the location. Also, sometimes parks have public events or rent facilities such as pavilions. It is always a good idea to check if there are any special events going on the day you plan to paint at the location.
  4. Is there shelter you can use in the event of rain? Does the location have a pavilion or porch that artists can retreat to in the event of a cloud-burst? And, do they have permission to use it?
  5. Safety is important - choose a location that has a reputation for being safe. Discourage artists from wandering off alone. While artists may be shy about painting with others nearby, it is wise to use the buddy system and paint with friends. Besides, part of the fun of paint-outs is getting to know other MPS artists and encouraging each other in our painting journey.
  6. Encourage participants to gather together for a lunch break or to meet to talk about the paint-out before leaving. Constructive feedback and encouragement is great, but if participants are shy of critiques, just share what you liked/disliked about the experience.
  7. With permission, take pictures to share on the MPS Members Only Facebook page or in the newsletter.
  8. Make sure participants are prepared. Use our resources to make sure artists come prepared for the paint-out experience.