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Meet our SOP 2019 Sponsors!

THANK YOU SPONSORS! We a so excited to have such wonderful support for Shades of Pastel 2019!

ARTISTS - Be sure to visit our sponsors' web sites! Join our many members who enjoy the fine products and services offered by those who support our exhibition. We sincerely thank our Award Sponsors for contributing so generously.

Artists & Framers Inc.
Columbia, Maryland
mps 1693

Great American Artworks

mps 1693

Jack Richeson & Co.


Airfloat Systems, LLC

Ampersand Artist Papers


Artist & Craftsman Supply

mps 1693

Connecticut Pastel Society

gpainterlogoGurrilla Painter
Pochade Boxes & Plein Air Supplies
Holbein Artist Materials
mps 1693
Pastel Society of America
mps 1693
Terry Ludwig Pastels
mps 1693
UART Premium Sanded Pastel Paper

Strathmore Artist Papers

Strathmore Artist Papers

Dolores Andrew
Laurie Basham
Mary Boeh
Janice Frederick
Susan Gleason
Jean Hirons Pastel Paintings
Lyn Laviana

Joyce Lister
Mary Moores
Kathleen E. Risk
Kimberly Stone
Barbara Talbott
Mary Anne Warner
Vivienne Wingfield

We thank you one and all for your generosity. Our Biennial National Exhibition is a way for the Maryland Pastel Society to promote professional, original works of art in the medium of soft pastel. There are many local pastel societies throughout the country, but theMaryland Pastel Society is the oldest state society and is an active member of the International Association of Pastel Societies. While the Society had its roots in the Baltimore area, its members come from all over the Mid-Atlantic region.