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Maryland Pastel Society events


Recent Workshops (2021-2023)

Desmond O'Hagan, October 2023

Painting Interiors:

"My main focus in the workshop is to explore the art of “Interpreting Light”. This approach can be explored in both landscapes and urbanscapes as well as a variety of other subject matter. I have a very hands-on approach to teaching; working individually with each student.

My workshop begins with a digital slideshow of my pastels including two step-by-steps of works in progress. Lecture topics include “infusing light” and conveying energy with your pastel technique. My workshop is also designed to help you reach the next level in your pastel painting.

Workshop demonstration would emphasize composition, developing technique through a more painterly approach, and the importance of light, values, and contrasts."

Amanda Houston, April 2023

Beyond the “how-to” steps of creating radiant sky paintings from photographs, Amanda's workshop, "Discovering Your Voice in Skies" explores intuitive creative processes, and what habits holds you back from letting your true voice come out. A balance of left and right brain exercises and undergoing a deep self-discovery helps define your own unique painting style, preparing you to paint with composition authority and creative curiosity. Visit Amanda's website:

Alain Piccard, November 2022

Each day Alain demonstrated a painterly approach to the landscape from start to finish, focusing on a unique subject and approach. Students learned techniques to simplify the subject and progressed to loosely finished landscape paintings. A constructive and encouraging group critique wrapped up the workshop. Visit Alain's website:


Liz Haywood, Sullivan April 2022

Liz started her Inside/Outside workshop with her Good Bones structural system to painting. Direct observation of the Maryland springtime landscape focused on using the camera less. Visit her website at


Tara Will, October 2021

Tara shared bold, colorful and expressive marks with students as she captured the essence of her subject in an indoor/outdoor three day workshop. Visit her website at


Laura Pollak, June 2021

After Laura gave a demonstration, "Driven to Abstraction" at the summer MPS general meeting, she arranged a one-day workshop just for MPS, "Abstracting the Landscape". Visit her website at


Christine Swan, April 2021

Christine held an outstanding 3-Day Portrait workshop for the Maryland Pastel Society via Zoom in April. Visit her website and blog at