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Lisa Mitchell, Brush Up On Drawing! (FULL)

Lisa Mitchell Brush Up On Drawing FULL
Instructor: Lisa Mitchell
(Past MPS president)

Workshop Assistant: Linda Light

Saturday, November 8, 2008
9:30 am to 4 pm
Howard County Art Center,
8510 High Ridge Road
Ellicott City, MD. 21043

This workshop is now FULL

Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Fee:  $30.00

Lisa Mitchell, will conduct a one-day still life workshop entitled, Brush Up On Drawing! This workshop will focus on reinforcing important drawing techniques that all artists need to master to help their paintings get off to a good start!

Rushing through the initial drawing stage can result in an overworked painting and a frustrating experience for the artist. Expressive strokes of beautiful color won't hide an underlying drawing issue.

Lisa will discuss and demonstrate the skills listed below to help students make accurate drawing decisions early on in the process of painting. She'll share "tips and tricks of the trade" to aid the artist in getting the job done right!

Drawing Techniques that will be covered:

Organizing and blocking in shapes to draw what you see, not what you know
Mapping and plumbing to check for placement and proportions
Marking angles to show perspective
Recognizing negative and positive shape relationships
Accurately drawing ellipses and circular objects
Comparing and measuring relative sizes
Drawing symmetrical objects

Using still life set-ups in the classroom, students will practice using these drawing techniques as they complete a conceptual sketch, transfer the sketch to the painting surface and continue with pastel to create a still life painting with confidence.

Lisa will give further instruction on how to breathe life into the still life painting using the following techniques listed below:

Showcasing the center of interest
Creating atmospheric perspective using color temperature and value changes
Where and how to harden, soften and lose edges

The number of students will be kept to a minimum. You will receive encouragement and guidance from the instructor and assistant. Understanding and practicing these techniques during this class will take concentrated focus. That said, come with an open mind and an eagerness to learn. One of the wonderful things about the Maryland Pastel Society is the support the members give to one another so come, have fun without the expectation of creating a masterpiece in one day!  NO PRESSURE!

To enroll in this workshop scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on the PDF document for a downloadable Enrollment Form.
Please direct your questions to Lisa via email, or call 410-472-0001.
To view Lisa's artwork visit:

This workshop is sponsored and partially funded by The Maryland Pastel Society!