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Maryland Pastel Society artist opportunities


MPS Members who Teach Classes & Workshops





Howard County Center for the Arts

Ellicott City, MD


Reistertown, MD




Rockville - Bethesda, MD


Online zoom workshops


Carlisle & Mechanicsburg, PA


Chestertown & Easton, MD


Chestertown & Easton, MD


www.yorkartassociation.orgYork, PA


Annapolis, MD

and online

Other Instruction Opportunities

The Pastel Society of America hosts a variety of workshops and classes taught by award-winning artists instruct throughout the year. The school instructors are noted for their one-on-one rapport with students at all levels. To view the schedule for classes and workshops, please visit their webpage for details.

Dakota Pastels offers workshops. Click here to see their 2023 schedule.

Juried Exhibition Opportunities

International Association of Pastel Societies: IAPS

IAPS member societies post information about their exhibition opportunities on the IAPS web page. This is a great resources. Visit the IAPS page on Member Society Exhibitions for more information.

Many pastel societies use for posting information about their upcoming exhibitions. You'll find prospectus, contact information, and online entry services hosted here. Opportunities for all sorts of competitions across all media and venues. Check it out!

Another site popular with pastel societies for their exhibition entries, ShowSubmit is a web-based entry system for online submission of artwork to juried exhibitions, including management of the entry data and images, and an online jurying system.

EntryThingy - For Artists

EntryThingy for Artists is an online call for entries management and jury system.

Call For Entries - "C4E"

Find art calls and other call for entries in the C4E directory. It is fully searchable. Use the categories to fine tune your search results.

ArtistsNetork Competitions

Artists Network offers several highly esteemed art competitions throughout the year. No matter your age, skill level, or medium of choice, you’ll find exciting opportunities to see your work in print and raise your visibility in the art world.

Dakota Art Pastel Competitions

2023 - DAKOTA ART PASTELS announces its FOURTH ANNUAL Soft Pastel Only Juried Competition to promote and advance the creativity and possibilities of this unique painting medium. This is an annual online competition with quarterly segments. There will be CASH PRIZES awarded in each quarter to contest winners.

Marketing Strategy for the Artist

Listening to your Client

Here are a few key points when having a conversation with a potential/existing client:

- Allow the client to speak without interruption. It will acknowledge how important and valuable they are to you. As they speak you will gather key information regarding their preferences in order to provide the appropriate artwork for their space. Develop a list of questions to make certain that information is captured completely.

- Let the conversation soak in and respond accordingly. Develop the habit of speaking to them at the same pace so they do not feel rushed or ignored. Be a good listener and smile at them. When responding do not come across as pessimistic, challenging or uninterested for it will cause unnecessary anxiety for the client. Respond candidly to their questions and then allow the client to respond without interruption. Observe their body language for it will tell you that the client understands your information. The main goal is to build trust between you and the client.

Marketing Your Art

- Presentation of your art to the public is important. Ask a peer, gallery owner or an art dealer to critique the presentation of your work. Is the work framed appropriately, is your website user friendly and does it provide a prospective buyer an engaging user experience? Is the work cohesive in quality? Is your artwork priced consistently? Also obtain written referrals from existing clients for the prospective clients review.

- Research your competition. Look at their website; research their resume and bio information, pricing of artwork as well as gallery representation. Interview an artist who is successful and you will gain invaluable information on their marketing methods. Successful artists devote a certain amount of time each week to promote their art. Ask the artist how their gallery helps them to sell their work. How many pieces do they need to have ready to sustain the agreement with the gallery owner and themselves? Are there any hidden costs since each gallery have policies that vary in scope of services.

- Take the time to research galleries that would best represent you. Location is important. Is the gallery located in a well traveled area? Research the quantity of tourists that visit that particular area and if there are mid-size to large size corporations in the vicinity. The corporations may have an art leasing program in place that you can tap into.

- Take the time to attend events held by the ASID-American Society of Interior Designers and IIDA International Interior Design Association. ASID has a membership that consists of residential practice based designers and commercial marketplace professionals. IIDA's membership is predominately attended by commercial marketplace designers. Both organizations use artwork in residential and commercial applications.

- Donate time to expanding your mailing list.

- Contact local county government offices to inquire if they have a budget to purchase or lease art for their many facilities. Local libraries and community centers typically rotate art exhibits through out the year.