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Maryland Pastel Society calendar

Saturday, October 29, 2022


* LIVE-IN PERSON * and *ZOOM * 12 pm - 3 pm


LIVE: Visit The Gary J. Arthur Community Center, Howard County, MD. Website.

VIRTUAL: Members: Your Zoom invitation will be emailed to you before the meeting.

Deborah maintains an active and thriving art practice, both in the studio and in plein air. She works in a variety of media and genres, including impressionist landscapes in acrylic, colored pencil, and pastel, representational drawings in graphite and ink, and landscape-inspired abstracts in colored pencil and acrylic mixed media. With a focus on excellence in composition, her primary goal is to manipulate color, value, line, and edges to draw the viewer into and around the picture plane, to create the illusion of atmosphere, mood, and depth, and to provide an engaging mental space where the viewer is invited to find his or her own compelling story in the work. Deborah never has a “message”: she creates art for the deep fulfillment she finds in overcoming the challenges inherent in the art-making process, for the satisfaction of learning to master the materials, for the fun of occasional happy accidents, and for the sheer visual and physical joy of it, seeking to share with the viewer the sublime beauty she finds in the world all around her, in forms both natural and man-made.

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