Maryland Pastel Society


Good afternoon again, colleagues! Some of you have asked about the elections taking place at the Fall meeting and whether you can vote by proxy. If you cannot attend the meeting but would like to vote, here's what you do: find someone -- anyone who is not a Board member -- who is going to attend and is willing to carry your proxy. Send them an email with your choices indicated in it, and ask them to print out and bring that email with them to the meeting. As of this moment, no one else has indicated a desire to be placed on the ballot for any of the positions, so we'll be using a simple show of hands voting method. The person holding your proxy can raise his or her hand twice, once for each of you. So, for example, if you both vote "yea" or you both vote "nay," the person would raise both hands at the appropriate time; if the two of you vote differently, the person would raise one hand for each vote, first "yea" and then "nay."

If we have more than one candidate for any position, we'll have a written ballot vote for that position, instead, and the emailed proxies would be counted along with the ballots of those members attending.

Hope that's clear: see you on the 24th!
Your MPS Board