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New!! Guerilla Pastel Carrier

New Guerilla Pastel Carrier
I'm always trying to find new and improved methods for toting my pastel materials out on location. I've lightened my load since I began using the new pastel box by Guerilla. I can fit enough pastels in this box to paint on location. I very selectively loaded up the box with essential colors and values, (mostly half-sticks). After only a few plein air outings with this set, I can see that I really don't need "500 hundred plus" pastels in order to paint on location.
The set up is quick! The pastel box opens up and fits securely into my Guerilla paint box. A couple of years ago I tried sitting the pastel boxes on top of the hinged extension accessory panels that Guerilla provided with their paint box  but it was not a good experience. I ended dumping pastels which is about the worst thing that can happen to a pastel painter!

The box fits comfortably inside my backpack. I'm left with carrying a small tripod in a case with a shoulder strap, my 9X12 Guerilla paint box, an umbrella and painting surface. I have a couple extra cushioned pastel boxes inside the Guerilla paint box that are made specifically to fit in the box. I placed some hard pastels in these extra boxes that I use for blocking in the painting.

I think the case needs a bit reinforcement in the clasps. If I'm carrying the case around without my backpack a Bunjee cord works just fine.

Here's the link for the manufacturer's product description:

Product Reviewed by Lisa Mitchell