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Spring members' meeting 2012

Spring members039 meeting 2012

Our members’ meeting in April was a bit of a departure. Instead of our usual demo or lecture, we opted for a more hands-on and active session. First, we invited several members who regularly work en plein air to bring their equipment in and set it up. We did this once before, about 5 years ago, but there have been so many innovations and improvements in the field that we thought it might be time to do it again, especially since the Kim Lordier plein air workshop was less than a month away. Among other gear, members got a chance to examine close up the Sun-Eden set-up, the All-In-One easel, the Heilman backpack box, and the Mabef easel. People crowded around and there were lots of good questions about uses, options, and cost, so we hope the display helped people make some good decisions about what to buy for the upcoming plein air season.

While that was going on, we also had several tables set up around the room where we had a wide selection of pastels and related art materials for sale. The bulk of these were donated to the MPS by the husband of our late (and still missed) colleague, Donni Dingman, with the funds raised to be used for a “Donni Dingman Memorial Award for Excellence.” We’re pleased to announce that we raised (so far) $775, which will fund 5 awards. The first of these was given at the MPS Members Only juried show at Quiet Waters (which runs through July 29); the remainder will be used for future juried shows (i.e., “Shades of Pastel” and “Members Only” shows). There were some items that did not find a new home in April; these will be available for purchase at the July meeting at reduced prices. We also invited our members to bring in their own materials -- pastel sets, papers, equipment, tools, videos, books, and other pastel- and art-related studio gear no longer used or needed for sale or swap. It seems that most of those items found new homes, as well!

Also at the April meeting, the members present voted unanimously to amend our by-laws to allow our biennial election to take place in even-numbered years, making it a little easier to manage our national juried show, “Shades of Pastel,” in the odd-numbered years.