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Still Life Workshop - Brush Up On Drawing!

Still Life Workshop - Brush Up On Drawing
Lisa Mitchell and Linda Light lead the "Brush Up on Drawing", workshop class through the three step process of painting a still life. The students used the three-step approach to learn to "slow down" and plan their composition. They created a value sketch and a color study. Using the drawing techniques discussed in class such as recognizing negative and positive space relationships while measuring angles and proportions the students accurately sketched their subject on to the final painting surface.

Simple still life objects were set up around the classroom so students could practice their observation skills and drawing techniques from life.
mps 320

           Thumbnail by Janice Frederick

mps 320

Janice moves on to the final painting

There was a lot of information to cover in one day but the students worked hard throughout the workshop learning how to measure angles with the aid of "magic scissors" and other straight edge tools. They also learned how to transfer a sketch to the final painting surface while maintaining the correct ratio of proportion.  Students spent the day comparing relationships of color, value and temperature as well as checking and rechecking those angles and proportions!

This was hard work for the students and it challenged both their left and right brain! Making accurate decisions in drawing is challenging but necessary in achieving a true representation of the subject. As students progressed through their drawing it became clear why learning basic drawing techniques is so important. All the students were on a roll and at the end of the day. Linda had to dismantle the still life sets ups in order to get everyone to stop working and prepare for the critique!

mps 320

You can see Bernice Cimbalista, has worked through her thumbnail, then the color study and she proceeds with her final painting!

Lisa will continue to motivate the artists to make progress with their drawing skills by offering a drawing/painting challenge each month. It is necessary for all artists to keep practicing their drawing skills. It is the foundation for a successful painting!

The deadline for the first challenge is Jan. 1, 2009. View the results challenge number one, "The Three Spheres" by "clicking here"  Would you like to join in on the challenge? Please read the MPS blog for details of our next challenge!