Maryland Pastel Society newsletter


Winter Meeting, 2010

At our past winter meeting we had one of our largest turn outs ever! Michael Skalka, Conservation Administrator at the National Gallery of Art, began the afternoon meeting with his presentation on color theory and the latest update on the development of a lightfastness standard for pastel which unfortunately is STILL not available. He urged pastelists to contact the manufacturers of pastels to request that they become involved in creating a standard for testing of their pastel products.
mps 774

Deborah Maklowski, Linda Light and Lisa Mitchell gave a mini-workshop on the "Value of Value Studies".  They provided examples of successful paintings by well known artists of the past and present then discussed the underlying abstract design, describing ways in which the artist can create the essence of their design with black/white or three value sketches.
mps 774

Linda shared many wonderful examples of different types of compositions and engaged our artist members in a discussion about a variety of emotions that can be conveyed by each.

After the presentation all of the artists were set up at work tables with photo references, markers and pencils to create their own black/white or three value sketches. Lively conversation filled the room as artists shared their ideas.