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Autumn 2008

Autumn 2008

Autumn Fields near Boyds by Jean Hirons

Summer is over and before we know it the year will be over too!  The years DO seem to race by.  One way for me to appreciate each season is to try to capture the subtle changes that take place in the landscape. I am definitely a "seasonal" painter. Because I am so influenced by what is around me, I generally paint landscapes of the current season, even if the images are from other places. I can still observe the quality of light in the sky, the colors of the tree tops, the color of shadows in order to incorporate these into my paintings, whether I'm working outside or in the studio. Being a landscape painter makes every season special for me and I feel fortunate to have this sense of appreciation.  (I actually love winter!)

And speaking of appreciation, I want to thank Lynn Goldstein for designing our beautiful new MPS brochure.  It's really classy!  I'll be bringing copies to the meeting on October 25th. If any of you have upcoming shows of your pastels and would like some of the brochures to help promote our wonderful Society, please let me know.  

I look forward to seeing you at our fall meeting.