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Maryland Pastel Society newsletter


Summer 2020 Newsletter

To Our Members From Our Members
Dear Maryland Pastel Society,
As some areas of the Northeastern U.S. are beginning to tentatively open, we are hopeful that the Covid19 pandemic will soon be less volatile. However, it is too early for any sizable gatherings and celebrations. It is not yet time to abandon our masks. On the other hand, it is a perfect time to let us view your latest artwork, i.e. artwork from the last six months or so. Here is our next installment for everyone's viewing pleasure. Please continue to drop a medium sized jpeg file of your finished work to Include a comment if you like. We'll send out an e-mail to our group every so often to inspire and delight. You can also post on our Facebook page and click on Community. We hope you continue to find enjoyment and a sense of community as you view the following pieces!
Mary Moores' "Big Catch Ocean City" won first place in the Dakota Spring Competition for Emerging Artists! "This painting was based on photos taken last year when my husband was invited to go on a tuna fishing charter in Ocean City, Maryland. As soon as I saw the man cleaning the fish I knew I wanted to paint that moment. I tried to capture the feeling of triumphant return and the late afternoon heat of the day in my color choices. I like to use shadows to give clues about objects not represented in the painting, i.e. the shadow of the hook on the white overalls. I deliberately tried the approach of 'less is more' in order to keep my mark-making fresh. This painting was rejected completely from another juried show! I believe this information is important to convey. As executive board member Mary Ann Warner once said, 'Sometimes judging boils down to what the judge ate for lunch!' "
Donna M. Finley, "Lauren's Tulips" and "Silvan Stream" 16x12—"This is a scene from one of the trails at Patapsco State Park. Peaceful, serene and the sunlight and shadow areas just grabbed my attention. This one has already found its forever home."
Judith Einstman, "Bryce"
Judith Einstman, "Trio
Linda Brenegan, "A Day at the Beach" 21" x 15"
"Since this is my second beach scene in a couple of months, I guess I'm longing for the beach!"
SallyAnn Mickel, "American Standard" "My neighbors chickens make convenient and interesting subjects."
SallyAnn Mickel, "Silkie"
Delores Andrew "Athabaska Falls" 3" x 5"
Delores Andrew "Belgian Canal" 3" x 5"
Delores Andrew "Giverney" 3" x 5"
"With the restrictions loosening just a bit, I have been gradually closing my 40-day virus project, so that just maybe, I can make it back to the studio to work again soon. Here is an assortment of some of my recent “ challenges” to help me reconnect and get back in the “swing” of soft pastel. Besides the media challenge itself, I had the size limit of 3" x 5", and my time limit to keep me motivated. Good to know that none of us are bored at all."
Teresa Ficaretta, "Paint and Props" 24"x16", pastel on Multimedia artboard
"This pastel was done with props in an old china cabinet I use to store my paint and mediums. Using a cabinet or other container lets you control the light and results in more dramatic shadows. This piece took me over a month to complete, as I swapped out items, brushed out pastel, and completely changed the focus of the still life. It was a real struggle, and I am so glad it is finished. More cabinet paintings to come!
I really enjoyed the last MPS newsletter and look forward to the next one. It is inspiring to see the great work members are doing during these stressful times. "
Anne Singer, "Lean on Me"
Kathryn Reis.“Etched Glass” 17" x 11" soft pastel on Uart dark paper
Let's continue to inspire one another by sharing art we're creating at our easels. Check out for upcoming shows you may have an interest in entering. Also the deadline for entering the 4th Annual Pastel Society of North Carolina (PSNC) Online Exhibit, "Pure Color", is August 3rd, 2020. Over $2000 in cash awards! View the Prospectus and Submit your entries here:
You'll get an invitational e-mail on this, but we want you to know the Summer MPS Meeting will be held virtually with Zoom on August 15th at 1:00 p.m. so add it to your calendar! The theme is "Value Your Pastels" and Dot Stepenaski will be our demonstrator and instructor for this interactive session. Dot asks, "Is your drawing and composition spot on but pastel painting is a struggle? It could be due to your value system being off. It doesn’t matter what subject matter you enjoy painting, you won’t lose time searching for the right pastel if you’re organized." All you will need are your pastels, 2 or 3 sheets of gray Canson paper for experimenting, and 1 sheet of newsprint or white sketchpad paper.
Stay calm, stay creative, stay connected,
Your MPS Executive Board of Directors
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“Social distancing is something familiar to artists. Painting is a solitary activity. It is us alone with our creative intentions . . . Remind yourself of why you paint. The virus does not, and should not, define who we are as artists. While it will continue to affect us going forward, it does not have to stop us [from] growing and expressing ourselves visually.”
— Richard McKinley